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Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
at the streets. the count 30 it is. >> want spending solution is improving education. just friday, a city funded university cut nearly 100 positions from its staff and faculty to actually save money. another top suggestion is refunding the money. >> that might help the economy. give the people a refund and they will spend the money. that will keep some people higher at and boost people a little bit. >> you don't have to go far to see someone in need. 15,000 people are homeless in d.c., including about 1000 families. >> there's a lot of homeless people year. >> here is the city council wish list -- topping it, homeless services welfare programs, and education for $9.5 billion. tomorrow, we should know more about the budget surplus. the city's chief financial officer will release the annual report and we might hear more from the mayor and city council as to what their ideas are. >> thank you. still to come, college graduates are being hit especially hard right now when it comes to finding work and their education could be the problem. >> taking a live look outside, we're lookin
Jan 23, 2013 10:00pm PST
the state education code, a misdemeanor child abuse conviction is not enough reason to fire a teacher. but the parents were not buying the explanation. one sobbing mother expressed the fear all of them felt that their children may have been hurt too. >> i have no idea what went on in this classroom. [ crying ] >> reporter: at the center of the storm, dina holder, convicted of throwing a 5-year-old autistic child to the floor and kicking him in a classroom 2.5 years ago. after it was reported, the district merely transferred her to another school. it was this woman's child. >> i don't care what's written down in a procedures manual or anything like that. i think that should be should have took a stand and said we need to get her away from kids. >> reporter: other parents say they want the school superintendent fired. >> for the district to subject our most fragile children is appalling, disgusting. we need answers. >> reporter: but the school district did not have the answers they wanted. >> we followed the advice of legal council under the state education code of california. >> that s
Jan 28, 2013 5:30pm EST
children to read can sometimes be a difficult task but one school developed a fun and education hallway to make reading fun. our education reporter sherrie johnson introduces us to boys, books and basketball. >> look at this shirt. it's a great shirt. >> reporter: it's 8 a.m. at steven forest elementary school in columbia. school doesn't start for another 45 minutes but the library is packed with fourth and fifth grade boils. it's part of the program that's a book club for selected boys who need a boost in reading and confidence. >> the more you a read, the -- you read, the better you can spell. >> reporter: they alternate book club discussions one week and basketball the next book. after the book discussion, it as time to hit the courts. school data shows males are falling behind female students in reading. this program is turning things around. >> it's a gel it make them lifelong leaders, not just this year, but i want them to learn to love reading. as they leave us and go into middle and high school, i want them to continue to pick up books. >> reporter: they help one another and for
Jan 23, 2013 5:00pm PST
state education officials take action to ensure school districts are teaching english to nonenglish speaking children, claiming about a quarter of the school districts are violating state and federal laws by failing to provide english language instruction to students who need it. saying it will file a lawsuit unless classes are provided to 20,000 students within 30 days. a state education official says california is needing it's obligation autos san francisco district attorney is considering filing charges against an artist whose creation almost burned down a building. it happened last night in an art gallery. french artist created a map on the wall from 50,000 matches. idea to light it then create a slow burn but flames went out of control, shot into the ceiling, firefighters managed to put it out before it could cause more damage. >> oh, my. it turns out the fireball that lit up bay area skies last week is actually a comet. take a look. hundreds of people reported seeing the fireball. a scientist says that it was a comet entering just north of yosemite. it burned up over lake taho
Jan 20, 2013 9:00pm PST
helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. >> ama: nasa scientists say they made a discovery on mars. they have found white veins packed with minerals at the bottom of a massive crater. they say it's evidence of an ancient stream bed during a wetter time. scientists can look at the minerals to help determine how the environment changed into current dusty landscape. >> facebook wants to expand menlo park headquarters but it can't make any changes until city officials agree. it's expected to be considered by the city council on tuesday. the report under current terms facebook would pay the city $1.5 million over the next ten years. company also would have to restrict the number of vehicles going in and out of
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
entertainment. we have educational seminars, educational displays. we have a jer ball show, a dog ability trial. we have a guinea pig-a-thon. >> so this is saturday 10 to 7. sunday 10 to 6. i saw the yorkie rescue when we came in this afternoon. what are some of the other breeds of dogs? >> oh, shepherd, many, many kinds, all kinds of breed rescues as well as rescues that offer all kinds, cats and dogs, small animal rescues. >> all right. thank you. we'll be here until seven and it kicks off tomorrow from 10 to seven. >> eight this evening. seven tomorrow night. >> and six on sunday. we'll be here throughout the flight. we'll go back to you in the studio. there's not going to be any for the weekend. what better place to come than out lear for the world of pet expo. we are live throughout the night, charley crowson, abc2 news. >> charley, i want you to adopt that dog. it has way more skills than my dog. a big show behind you. thank you very much for that live report. >>> call her a medical miracle. >> a 19-month-old girl lived after a pencil went through her brain. >> reporting is a tough job. y
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
. good morning. >> good morning. >> we know it's all about pets. but the a lot of this is an educational experience. can you tell us about that? >> well, it is a show that has everything a pet lover could dream of and in addition to great shopping and rescues and shelters, we have free seminars, an a.k.c. dog eye jillty trial and guinea pigathon. rep tiles. >> tell us about what's going on right there that we're looking at. >> right now you're seeing johnny pierce. muttville and he has some of the dogs here that he has rescued and trained. >> he is performing twice a day. >> i want to know how often he practices with the dog to get them to do what they do. >> did you say a guinea pig on this? >> yes. >> what happens there? >> all kinds of things for guinea pigs and you can bring yours and participate. >> i understand there are a lot of other demonstrations and things people can expect when they go out to the expo? >> in the background you see dogs jumping. we have that all day, a real dock dog competition and professional trainers helping you with all kinds of things. and we have free se
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
in on education, pledging to bring more money to schools in low income districts and vowing to do what he can to keep college costs in check. >> but tuition increases are not the answer. i'm not going to let the students of california become the default financiers of our colleges and universities. >> when you consider what we faced four years ago and two years ago, i'm smiling. >> democrats say they like what they heard. but some say restoring money to social service programs was noticeably missing. >> the governor had a message of restraint, but i also think that we need a message of restoration, and i think we can do some restoration to that safety net. >> republican who have seen their power stripped by the new democratic super majority in both houses toned down their criticism and say they like the governor's fiscally conservative approach. >> the devil's in the details and that's where some disagreements may come into play but the overarching goals and what we're talking about, i agree with him. fiscal discipline. there was a lot of good stuff in that speech. >> reporter: now, missing to
Jan 26, 2013 5:00am PST
this moving art display. >>> the education department has announced every public school in america will now have to include students with disabilities in their afterschool sports programs. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez explains how this changes the playing field. >> the fancy footwork gained her a spot on the school soccer team. she also plays for a club. so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is actually the liner and inside here it's just hollow. >> her school, willard middle school in berkeley, encourages all students, including those with disabilities, to try out for any sports. >> they just treat me like a regular kid. there's nothing really different about me except for my leg and i can just deal with that. >> and in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations. >> a child who is hearing impaired, we may need visual cues with the buzzer or gun or if there's something else for a child that needs something that's correct needs to be put in place. >> willard is already doing what a lot of the u.s. department of education will require a
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am PST
point. and the ferry building lit up in red there for the 49ers. >>> the education department has announced every public school in america will now have to include students with disabilities in their afterschool sports programs. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez explains how this changes the playing field. >> the fancy footwork gained her a spot on the school soccer team. she also plays for a club. so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is actually the liner and inside here it's just hollow. >> her school, willard middle school in berkeley, encourages all students, including those with disabilities, to try out for any sports. >> they just treat me like a regular kid. there's nothing really different about me except for my leg and i can just deal with that. >> and in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations. >> a child who is hearing impaired, we may need visual cues with the buzzer or gun or if there's something else for a child that needs something , that needs to be put in place. >> willard is already doing what a lot of the u
Jan 26, 2013 8:00am PST
and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the education department has announced every public school in america will now have to include students with disabilities in their after school sports program. abc7 news education reporter explains how this changes the playing field. >> fancy footwork got a spot on the soccer team and plays for a club so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is the liner. inside it is hollow. >> her school encourages all students, including those with disabilities to try out for any sport. >> they treat medicine like a regular kid. there is nothing different about me but for my leg, i can deal with that. >> in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations. >> child who was hearing impaired we made need visual cues like a buzzer. or something else, maybe a child needs something that needs to be put in place. >> willard is doing a lot of what the department of education will now require all schools to do. if a student with a disability cannot meet the standards of skill or ability of that team, the school must provide another
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
determined? >> reporter: there's an education asset protection work sheet that details the amount. let's say the older parent is 50 years old. the couple can shield $40,900, including education fund assets like 529 plans. if parents have more than that, the surplus is assessed at a rate of 5.64%. so, again, if our parents saved $60,000 for college, their expected contribution for a year of college is about $1100. what's the lesson here? saving sixty grand might have meant they missed out on loans or financial support, they didn't really get whacked that hard for saving it. i want to underscore saving for college is important. it's hard to qualify for aid, loans are expensive. on we have everything you need to know about college loans, the landscape is changing, kids graduating with debt, almost a trillion dollars in education debt right now. >> when in doubt, give it a try. if you get denied, you get denied. >> reporter: just filling out the form increases the likelihood you'll get it. you know the answer if you don't fill it out. >>
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
education. [laughter] >> pam: have a great night
Jan 24, 2013 5:00am EST
. one of the biggest, is education.the higher the degree, the bigger the paycheck. heebureau of labor statiitics says the median weekky earnings for someene without a high school diploma issjust under $500 ddllars. those with a diplomaa takeehome almost $650 a week -- while thooe who are unnversity thoosand. not only that, but the more eddcation you have, the more likell you areeto have a job.employers are clearly willing to pay morr for more expertise.the & iidussry you work innis another big factor in determining the siie of yoor salary. wages in the service sector tend to be at the lower end of the scale -- workers in home a little less than 500 a week . those with office aad construction jobssfind &pthemselves in the middle of the scale. the big buuks can & be foond in management and thee &business sector.and while it's no secret men make more thhn women do, race caa also skew that gap. for every dollar a man earns, an aaian woman while a black wwoan makes -3 allmst 87 percent.i'm alison kosik innnew yyrk. 3cooinggup... the manti ta'o -3
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm EST
with the outspoken republican on education. >> still to come, virginia's governor suicide ideas on how to improve your commute. and what he reveals as his top priority. >> metro says it will cost $1 billion a year to maintain services. >> authorities have identified one of two women killed on a falls church house fire yesterday. investigators say the body of 48 laura snider was found at the fire. firefighters responding to a 3:25 alarm found the single family home engulfed in flames. a second body has not been identified. investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire. >> governor bob mcdonnell wants to improve your commute on the road and the rails. we were with him as he revealed his plan. >> too many cars and not enough choices. >> anything that gets rail out here quicker is a good deal. >> some of the most congested roads in the country are here in virginia. people like mark who commute three to four times a week are crying for help. virginia governor thinks he has the answer. he traveled the state to try to raise more transportation dollar
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
characters into a film critic. >> >>> u.s. department of education issued an order requiring every public school in america to include students with disabilities aafter school sports programs. every accommodation must be made to allow a student with a disability to with the team. the school must create another option if they do not meet the standards. >> just because you have a disability doesn't mean that you can't compete. it doesn't mean you can't be part of a team. and... those are aassumptions people have been taking. this is an opportunity for people to rethink how to make this work. >> berkeley's willerd middle school edge courages students to tryout for any sport. >> they treat me like a regular kid there isn't anything different about me except for my leg. i can deal with that. >> school districts that have seen cuts worry about what it will take and they say it's going to take time to sort it out. >> the end of a solid week on wall street dow jones gained another 70 points today. and a and p 500 logging it's best winning streak since 2004. apple shares fell today, lost nearly a
Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> reporter: his call to give more education money to poor schools possibly at the expense every richer suburban districts -- >> i'm being asked to vote against the interests of my school district for the betterment of the state. that's a tough question for legislators to deal with. >> reporter: but whatever the fight, brown seems determined for as the little engine said as it pushed the big train up the mountain. >> i think i can, i think i can. i think i can. and over the mountain the little engine went. we're going to get over that mountain. i have no doubt about it. [ applause ] >> reporter: that's the mountain of debt that still faces the state. but he was also talking about his other pet project, high- speed rail. it's a legacy he wants to leave for the future generations. and despite what he is talking about staying tight within the spending, he wants that railway from san francisco to los angeles. >> you know, his dad was the master of the big project. pat brown. what would pat brown think about his approach today? >> reporter: he might sa
Jan 27, 2013 7:30am PST
education, we're with them. the thing that care rid them is the people's positive attitude about education. >> it's interesting, you have a democratic governor that is standing between you and the legislature, you're halfway happy about it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. support for gun control. >>> welcome back. dozens of people walked along the waterfront this weekend to show support for gun control. the event was organized by the group one million moms for gun control. the largest of which was held in washington d.c., that's where members of the newtown, connecticut community joined in with thousands of others d emanding action. >> if it can happen in newtown, it can happen in any town in any city in any state until they make these federal laws. >> the gun control battle is leading to huge crowds autobahn shows around at -- gun shows. they say it will take away their right to bear arms. congress will hold a hearing on g
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm EST
to be the first person ever to give one billion to a single u.s. institution of higher education. >>> and looking at news around the nation tonight, a man is now in jail tonight after police say he threatened to blow up the liberty bell. a arizona man started making the threats as we walked up to the bell. a little while later, police found two backpacks, the bomb squad investigated and said there were no explosives inside. the man is charged with making a terrorist tick threat, a bomb threat and several other defenses. >>> and a brazen robbery in a funeral home. the crooks got away with a tv and a hearse and left a lot of damage behind. what's worse, the owners say they took off with the vehicle, and had the nerve to bring it back. >> they moved another hearse, i don't know whether it left the premises or not, but it's not parked where we had left it. and of course they took this here, the dodge van, and they took it off site and brought it back. >> police are trying to track down the culprits tonight. >>> the west coast is getting heat tonight for not enough heat. some customers got raw chicken
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am EST
young people make it through, um, you know, their educational goals, college or graduate school, in light of runaway tuition. >> yes. >> is that right? okay. do you want -- >> and also -- [inaudible] >> right. >> i mean, how are we going to get the doctors if tuition is 70 grand a year? >> we write in the booking about how -- in the book about how hard it is for homeless kids in the cities in which they live today just get through high school. the challenge that so many kids confront, and liz murray wrote, you know, a beautiful memoir, "breaking night," about her journey from homelessness to harvard, how are we going to create opportunities for kids whose families won't or can't take care of them who have been told over and over again you're broken because they're poor or their parents hate them or reject them because they're gay or lesbian. these kids feel so damaged that college feels like another planet to them. and we write in the book about the game changing things that cities and nonprofits are doing to create high schools that are connected to homeless youth centers. ther
Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
school district meeting tonight. it starts in an hour. parents are outraged that a special education teacher who abused a child is still employed. cbs 5 reporter da lin spoke with the child's mother. da. >> reporter: that's right, ann. the mother and a lot of parents in this district are disappointed that the district did not fire that teacher and already even though the meeting is in an hour, there are already parents sitting here waiting for the doors to open. this is the agenda right here. the meeting will be held in that room behind those doors in about an hour. the superintendent and the district's attorney will be here to answer those questions, why they did not fire that teacher. lawyers questioned special ed. teacher gina holt in the video about whether she dragged a special needs student out of his chair and kicked him. >> i asked him about it. told me that it had happened at school. >> reporter: holt denied abusing the 5-year-old boy in 2010. yet she pleaded no contest to a count of misdemeanor child abuse. despite the conviction and a
Jan 25, 2013 9:00pm PST
is asking a state mediator to step in. >> u.s. department of education announce today that every public school child in america will now have to, ever ever public school will include students with disability in the after school sports program. education reporter lee ann explains how this will change the playing field. >>reporter: about fancy foot work gained her a spot on the school soccer team. also plays for a club. so we were surprised when she showed us her prosthetic leg. >> this is the liner. and inside here it's just hollow. >>reporter: her school in berkeley encourages all students including those with disabilities to try out for any sport. >> they treat me like a regular kid. nothing different about me except for my leg. i can just deal with that. >>reporter: in some cases the school makes the proper accommodations. >> child hearing impaired we may need visual cue where there might be a buzz error gun or something else for a child that needs association that needs to be put into place. >>reporter: will lard already doing a lot of what the u.s. department of education w
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am EST
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Jan 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
education in our schools. >> 300 people listened to speakers and music. sap extra, who was called a slut by rush limbaugh when she addressed congress about coverage for contraception, came to san francisco. >> defending roe and the right for women to make their own decisions about their bodies. >> prochoice supporters were gone by the time the thousands of the prolife marchers reached their destination. the only people left here are the vendors, and police say they have only made two arrests in today's march. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> we know that caused some traffic problems, too. thank you, tomas. a plane lost its advertising banner while flying over san francisco today, causing a power outage and a traffic nightmare. this is a photo of the banner that landed on high voltage power lines. the banner caused an explosion, knocking out power to 2,000 customers. streets in the area were closed as crews responded. pg&e was able to restore service to all but 100 people. >> it was alarming. it was a loud noise. >> went outside and saw the large sign on the electrical wirin
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
. it's a nonprofit education group here in the bayview district of san francisco. the mayor this morning was optimistic about san francisco's future. >> my fellow san franciscans, i would submit to you on these facts alone, the state of our great city and county of san francisco is vital. it's resurgent and it's strong. [ applause ] >> reporter: mayor lee pointed to a balanced budget and the creation of thousands of new jobs in san francisco during his state of the city speech thisern mooing -- city speech this morning. he also talked a lot about the biotech industry. he says he knows the economic recovery has not become a reality for many in san francisco, especially low- income residents and called for more affordable housing so people are not priced out of the city. he also criticized san francisco's public housing system announcing today a partnership with h.u.d. to make changes. >> no more poverty housing that traps generation after generation in socially, racially and economically isolated complexes. i'm open to every one of their recommendations to reininvent the gov
Jan 24, 2013 8:00am PST
a publication called sf heroes. that will educate and motivate different peopleç who want to e çapplications to see what they ideas and playingç a gameçç t teaches them how to the building blocks of recovery. we have introduced those strong words to our planning department and all of the different 60 some departments of resiliency and recovery. those words are discussed on and on. i mentioned the lifelines' council, the fact that community planning isç importantç. we have invested. we lifted out the caps program, the planning aspect that had for years been focused on our most will mobil buildings. -- on our most vulnerable buildings. çlawrence has helped to lead te conversation in the public to pay attention to the most vulnerable buildings we have. ççthe mayor, the board, the financing arms, the private about how weç forge a financial package to seismically retrofit those buildings as we invest in all the other very important çinstitutions of like our medil institutions, hospitals, to rebuild them to seismic standards that the state requires. we're doing thos
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
rotc programs. educators say these programs have become more popular because it promotes discipline, academics, and responsibility. students say they support lifting the ban on women serving in combat roles. >> i know from family and personal experiences that i supported. women should have equal opportunity of that is what they want to do in life. >> patapsco high school has the largest junior rotc program in baltimore county. >> secretary of state hillary clinton says massachusetts senator john kerry is the right choice to succeed her. she introduced him before the senate foreign relations committee as his confirmation hearing got underway. he testified before the very same panel that he chairs, answering questions on a range of topics from afghanistan to syria to iran. the committee is expected to confirm his nomination. senate majority leader harry reid said a full senate vote will take place on tuesday. in washington today, president obama pledges tough enforcement of new wall street regulations. his two latest cavan nominations include mary jo white to be the head of the securi
Jan 25, 2013 5:30am EST
to the supreme court. >>> it could be a sweeping change for school athletics, the u.s. education department is telling schools they must include studentswith disabilities in sports programs or provide equal alternative options. schools are required to make directive reasonable modifications for students with disabilities or create parallel athletic programs. that he no deadline for them to comply with the directive. >>> same sex marriage is a step closer to passing in rhode island. it passed with overwhelming support in the statehouse. the phenyl vote was not even close. it passed 51-19. now it head to the state senate where the senate president opposes same sex marriage and won't stop the committee vote. but the sides are divided whether the full senate will vote. >>> don't ask jack and jackie harbaugh to take sides. both hope the superbowl ends in a tie. how proud are these two? they are proud of john from the rains and jim from the 49ers. the first brothers ever to coach against one another in a superbowl. during the conference call with the parents, the questions were pretty predictable
Jan 28, 2013 5:00am EST
. >> catholic schools week is a national event celebrating catholic education through february 2nd. >>> time for a check of the forecast, back over to lynette as she moves in to the screen. >> let's talk about what is going on, we have the cold air, it's at the surface. what we are waiting for is the warm air to move in. with that, it rides over the cold air, that's why we are seeing the icing we are getting this morning, we will continue to get this morning, until it starts to switch over back to rain once the warm air starts to do its thing. temperatures coming in at 28 degrees, westminster, pilesville 28, 31 perry hall, columbia 28 degrees, stevensville freezing degree mark k 31 goldsboro. really, it depends on the temperatures, where you are, to see what type of precipitation you are getting this morning. future trend, picking up didn't snow, the rain, the sleet , the freezing rain through the morning, we will get a break and it looks like we can see a round of rain pushing in as we go in to the afternoon. it looks like your morning commute is going to be a rough one, still it could be d
Jan 26, 2013 11:00pm EST
: education secretary says it's not about taking away second amendment rights. >> this is about gun safety. this is about fewer dead americd children, fewer children living in fear. >> newtown feels that this is the tipping point and that we can really affect change. >> reporter: newtown, connecticut is known for the awful tragedy that happened there, but residents also feel that they can be the strongest voice for change. >> they always think of the town as newtown where this bad thing happened. they think of it as a town where change happened, something happened that ignited a flame in people. >> i want them thinking of my town as how we bounced back and what we did about it. >> gun sales have shot up since sandy hook. there were a few counter protesters at the rally today. the events started with two dc residents who took to facebook after the massacre in just a few short weeks, thousands responded and committed to the rally today. >>> several party guests at a hotel in maryland were robbed at gunpoint. police say a woman had invited several friends by text to a room at the home wood su
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
stormed and strategized and mapped out their plan to improve health, housing, and education. >> not only talk about issues but begin discussing solutions. and we're very hopeful this will lead to a strategic plan that brings a better quality of life for not just silicon valley latinos but the entire region. >> reporter: in the middle of it all was an old educator, a former engineer who helped develop the copy printer for ibm. >> it's terrible locally. >> reporter: he says latinos are still on the sidelines at silicon valley tech companies. he says latinos need to compete and not think someone else is going to take care of them in the future. >> we leave it up to the scho s schools. we leave it up to someone and don't do it as a competition. that's why we can't close the gap. >> reporter: the group took note of his views and over the year they'll be tasked with developing a plan of action. >> silicon valley is a bountiful region. we have a lot of opportunity here. all of us who are involved with it are here to help. >> reporter: it's time, they say, to make sure latinos are a part of the
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
francisco. >> it's a way to educate the young about past civil rights struggles. elissa harrington is in san jose with more on how people can ride. good morning. >> reporter: the longest rung freedom train in the united states going on its 27th year now, and it leaves the station in san jose at 9:30 this morning. it's to commemorate the birthday of martin luther king junior and covers 54 miles. that's the same distance that he and other civil rights activists marched in 1965. he led thousands of demonstrators from sell e sell -- selma alabama to montgomery. this is significant considering obama is being sworn into his second term in the white house. the mlk association is chartering the freedom train and to ride you needied to get your tickets online at or you can buy one on site from the mlk board members. it boards at 9, leaves san jose at 9:30 and will make three stops along the way one in sunnyvale, another in palo alto and in san mateo and is scheduled to arrive in san francisco at 10:55 this morning. round trip ticket
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
's been since 1976. about 78% of students are graduating on time. education secretary arne duncan says in a struggling economy there's more competition for jobs which means kids feel a high school diploma is even more important. >>> fire officials right now are trying to reassure east bay residents they are still safe following a series of recent firestation closures. contra costa county fire officials holding the latest in a series of community meetings. this one is in walnut creek. officials planning to discuss the closure of firestation 4 and how services will be impacted there. the meeting set to start tonight at 7:00 at the walnut heights elementary school. a total of four stations in walnut creek, clayton and lafayette will be shut down as part of a countywide plan to trim a $17 million budget gap. >>> work is set to start this morning on a section of the bay bridge damaged when it was hit by an oil tanker earlier this month. caltrans now planning to replace fenders on the western tower that was sideswiped back on january 7th. officials say the pier itself is okay because the fen
Jan 24, 2013 6:00am EST
that education ii one of the iggest factors inn making money. money. the bureau of labor says the average americannmade 775 dolllrs a week in 2012. those who ave are university educated earned -&m and... wookers with a high school diploma take home almost $650 wwek. the bii bucks can beefound in manaaement and the business sector. it appears some iggapple chefs are getting a little ccmera shy when it comessto their culinary presentations . . some restaarantssin new from taking phooos of their food. appaarntly... too many people are taking photos of ruining the dininggexperience - some folks ho readdlance not about theebike""want their moneyyback.armstronggrecently coofessed to using drugs to booot his performance during his seven tour de rance wins. now, a class action suut againnt armstrong and his book peddling fiction s fact..thee lawsuit, filed thii week in aamstrong's other book,,"every second counts." 3 super deals are a tradition for businessess time. and wiih the wl - ravvns in the big game this &pyear.... retailers hope you are ready for a big purchase.
Jan 27, 2013 7:30pm EST
to education to medical services. and, also, it's great fun and entertainmented. you see people very creative and especially young people. i always enjoy reading their comments and things like that. >> that is fantastic. you're a self-made entrepreneur. so impressive. several television shows, a growing media empire, hence the oprah comparison. >> it's a compliment. i have a lot of admiration for her for what she has done to empower women. i have a lot of admiration. >> so tell us about your show in china. who is your audience? >> i have two major shows. "one-on-one" is a more indent interview show with movers and shakers around the world. it's been on air 13 years and i've interviewed more than 600 leaders around the world including many u.s. presidents and secretary of states. another show, "her village" is more like oprah's show plus "the view" because i have two other younger women who are providing different perspectives onto certain issues that women care for. and we have celebrities, as well. as gras routes women telling their stories. >> are there professional opportunities? are they
Jan 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
fled the extremists' attack on education. the extremist excuse-- public schools weren't islamic enough. the schools in the north are closed. >> closed, closed, because that's why they are here because all the schools are-- they attended were closed. >> reporter: no one has been turned away and classes here are overflowing. this eighth grader is from the town of gao. "we're not get anything news from there," though, she tells me. all communication has been cut off. but in the 24 hours since we spoke to her some good news. gao has now fallen to the french and mallian forces. it was a rout. the islamic extremists in most areas appear to have fled into the desert rather than dig in and fight. the question, of course is what happens after that. mallians are very much afraid the extremists will regroup in the desert and then come back as a violent insurgency, the kind of thing we've already seen in afghanistan and iraq. jim. >> axelrod: elizabeth palmer reporting for us from mali tonight. thank you. later, veterans of war are finding new roles as teachessers. basketball great lebron james sh
Jan 26, 2013 10:00pm PST
school in connecticut, which left 20 children and six educators dead. >>> in advertising banner meant to promote discount haircuts ended up cutting power to thousands of san francisco customers today when it fell from the sky and landed on some pg&e lines. here you can see the banner dangling from the power lines. witnesses say they saw it fall from the back of a small plane and land on the liens around noon. that normally busy intersection was shut down while crews dealt with the situation. >> i saw the plane banner carrying the plane circling. and the banner kind of flailing and drifting. >> power has been restored now to all of the customers affected in the south of market and china basin areas. >>> a veteran oakland police officer shot while on duty last night is expected to fully recover. police say the officer was respond a car crash at the intersection of east 12th and 48th avenue in the fruitvale district. as officers arrived on scene, one of drivers ran off. when they went to investigate they say a suspect opened fire. the officer was hit in the leg, but still chased the qu
Jan 27, 2013 5:00am EST
in baltimore. >> guardian angels not only volunteered to patrol the streets but provide educational programs and conduct workshops for schools and businesses. >> the time is 5:10 and it's 26 degrees at kraig urbik. and the penalties of -- if caught useing a cell phone while behind the wheel. >> and the painful amount you can expect to pay -- >> but first you're looking at a live picture of outside. stay with us. 11 news sunday morning is just getting started. >> welcome back. time is coming up on 5:14. we have partly cloudy skies. it's 31 downtown. at least the winds are calm. we don't have to calculate the wind chill right now. certainly you still need winter gear if you're stepping out today. >> 21 in parkton and 18 in rising shun. rising sun. the clouds a little thinner in the northeast part of the state. these are not snow-producing clouds. some scattered clouds showing up here on the satellite. that's all i expect, just a mix of sun and clouds heading through this afternoon. but producing freezing rain this afternoon. this is the leading edge of a much warmer air mas that's going to vis
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
. graduates with engineering degrees topped the salary list, earning more than $70,000. education major salt and increase of 5.4%. business majors salaries rose by 4.2%. even the humanities and social science majors saw a slight bump with starting pay of almost $37,000. a new law went to a fact that could mean he will pay more for the convenience of using the credit card. there's something called check out fees. many big box stores said it will not pass along the cost to customers, some smaller businesses may react differently. we take a closer look at the changes and how you can avoid the new feet. >> it has become the preferred way of purchasing just about everything. you may want to tailor a bit more attention when you pull out the plastic. the next time you swipe that card, retailers may be swiping a little bit more of your money. it allows merchants to pass along the fees they paid banks to process credit card sales. >> if you are using the credit card to spend $10, they may charge an extra quarter or 50 cents. " the idea of an added cost plus a charge into a lot of shoppers. >> it is r
Jan 28, 2013 6:30pm EST
to deal with this not just with our gun control but with a values-based education. >> how dare you? >> reporter: he made his frustration clear at the height of the violence last summer. >> where were you raised and who raised you? >> reporter: who raised you. that resonated with a lot of people. there is a values piece where people are so -- i don't know, careless, dismissive, totally are devoid of any sense of right from wrong. >> reporter: cherylly chambers insists her son was different. >> ron any knew right from wrong. he wanted to change his life for his mother. he loved me and i loved him. >> reporter: but that love was not enough to keep him safe. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> pelley: the boy scouts of america announced today it may lift its ban on gays and lesbians. the organization said it is considering a new policy that would leave the issue up to local scout troops and their sponsors. in the year 2000, the supreme court upheld the ban. but the scouts have been losing some of their corporate and school sponsors. the national board is expected to make a decision on
Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
the americans who come here over the summer but you typically get a perceived more educated more sophisticated crowd belichick more politically aware. >> and people in the interest of having a good time. and that's sort of the difference between the average tourist season and inauguration is a lot of people are in a better mood. it makes things more fun when you are out and about on the town. >> people are so happy to be here and so excited to see different stuff. the people i ran into over the weekend, it's cool. like i said, i live in adams-morgan and i saw people on 18th street, which is a big party district if you are not familiar with it in d.c. people out there having a good time. it's hard to put a value on that, especially this day and age in our country where things aren't great for everybody. you can see people coming together to have a good time in a peaceful manner. scomplvrnlths. >> we were up to dinner friday night and last night. the restaurant was packed. it was a different mood. it wasn't just your average night in a restaurant. people were h
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
anything else being said, manti te'o is a college educated young adult. so if he could be fooled by a social network prank, imagine how vulnerable a 13-year-old could be. >> i think every child is exposed to some sort of false identity. >> reporter: michelle is chief privacy office at security giant mcafee, one of many companies tracking online scams, she says the te'o story can be a lesson for young people. social and mobile technology are great, but they can also be deceiving. >> at the end of the day, there are two people who think they're talking to one another, and in this case, one was not who the other one thought they were. >> reporter: the danger can work two ways. being duped into a false relationship, and like this woman, who appeared on the "today" show, having your profile stolen by the person doing the duping. >> i've never met manti te'o in my life. i've never spoken with him. i've never exchanged words, tweets. >> reporter: it's all a cautionary tale, really. what you see and hear online is not always what you get. >> what i do take away is, look at how easy it is
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
of trustees will discuss the proposed education budget when they begin three days of meetings this morning. in long beach the trustees will talk about the budget request for $371 million and they will focus on the plan to allocate $10 million for online solutions to help students pass high demand courses. the board has tabled proposed fees that affect seniors who have heavy course loads and students who have to repeat courses. >> lake county sheriff deputies are looking for a man who kill a clerk in a store robbery. the 33-year-old was shot in the holdup at the gas mart and the sheriff deputies say surveillance video shows a hooded person walking in the paing lot at 10:45 prime minister on friday night and walking out 20 seconds later. two other employees were in the store. they were not hurt. stunned residents are offering $10,000 reward to find the killer. >> now the hostage crisis in north africa. we have an exclusive interview with the wife of one american who narrowly escaped death hiding from the terrorists for to days. it was four days of terror in the first videos recorded by one
Jan 25, 2013 5:00am PST
for school athletic teams if the school makes reasonable motions to accommodate them. the education department today is saying disabled students must be given a shot to play on traditional teams or have their own league. this order could bring sweeping changes to school budgets and locker rooms for years to come. >> are you feeling depressed or anxious? try yoga. a report shows older people suffering mild depression report add decrease in stirp somes after yoga practice and there is evidence it could help with schizophrenia and adhd. >> authorities say more research needs to be done. >> happening now, a san francisco legend is celebrating a very big birthday today, marian brown turns 86, her first birthday without her twin who died two weeks ago suffering from. a disease. the famous san francisco twins are often spotted together across the city in identical attire bringing smiles to residents and visitors. tonight her san francisco family is throwing her a party at the sir francis brake hotel at union square. >> what a gorgeous woman, must be bitter sweet. >> next at 6:00, keeping f
Jan 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
. a study looks at how prepared california educators are when it comes to teaching subjects. >> driving simulator getting attention of college students. this offers a lesson on >>> new video taking a look at the repair work going on at damaged bay bridge fender. you can see the area here this, is a good look at it right there. oil tanker grazed the fender january 7th. abc 7 joins us live. >> the damaged fender is on the last pier of the bay bridge there right before yerba buena island. the contractor doing the work is the same contractor engineering that did the repairs on the adjacent fender after the cosco busson accident five years ago. turns outs that was this fender system that is coming in handy now. workers are removing twisted steel beams -- baems and shattered wood baems. an oil tanker grazed the fender in the fog january 7th, crushing a 16 by 16 foot section. still, caltrans says it performed as it's supposed to, taking the brunt of the force and protecting the bridge pier structure. there is an upper coated wood swex a plastic section below. they attached to a steel structure
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am PST
. >> it is a way to educate the young about the past civil rights strag rights -- struggles. and elissa harrington is there with more about how they can learn to ride the ride. >> reporter: this freedom train is to honor the birthday of martin luther king and leaves the station at 9:30. this is the 27th year that the mlk association of santa clara valley has organized this ride from san jose to san francisco. it commemorates his march from selma alabama to the dap toll of montgomery in 1965 and covers 54 miles. this is the longest running freedom train in the united states and the rides were brought about my king's wife. the freedom train today has four stops. again, it will leave san jose at 9:30 and will stop three times along the peninsula in sunnyvale, palo alto and san mateo. round trip tickets are $10 you are advised to come early because lines can get long. live in san jose, elissa harrington. cbs 5. >>> a march and parade will proceed from the caltrains depot. that will be followed by an interface commemoration ceremony. and also in san fran
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
've spoken so many places. trying to educate the world on why our fire happened and let's learn from it and never make sure it happened again. and dittied. >> she suffered severe burns at the nation nightclub. her fiance was one of the 100 victims that died. that fire was also caused by pyrotechnics. >>> key senators in washington are laying out their tragedy to reform immigration. as kyla campbell reports both republicannest and democrats have a plan for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states. kyla. >> reporter: one of the biggest debates with immigration reform is to whether or not help those that that are here illegally to become citizens. aup of senators from both parties also wants to use immigration reforto boost our economy. when it comes to immigrants getting -- they do not take the jobs of u.s. citizens and want to hold employers accountable if they hire illegal immigrants. they will get support on capitol hill. even in the republican cold house. they on 70% of the latino vote. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. i see the right spirit. i see things that were once
Jan 25, 2013 10:00pm PST
such as towels, razors, deodorant and soaps. >>> the alameda education association today declared an impasse in its negotiations with the alameda unified school district. the union is now asking a state mediator to step in. this comes one day after district officials offered a 2% raise the teachers are asking for a 4-1/2% raise. >>> now to vallejo where a catholic high school has been rocked by a hazing scandal. the head football coach has been fired and five students have been expelled. >> reporter: as classes let out at st. vincent's high school students flooded the parking lot to catch a ride home. the school announced that chris cerbone was fired because five of his players harassed six younger players with their uncovered gentiles. one parent didn't want to show his face. >> it's kind of disturbing obviously. but you know we know it goes on but i'm glad it's reached out to a lot of people. >> reporter: school officials would share few details but did confirm this was a pattern of behavior that continued throughout last season. >> they were expelled because the school has a very strict p
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